Buckner Auto Restoration, Weaverville, NC (828)-670-6000

side view of chrysler convertible

Buckner Auto
I had this sign made for George’s body shop and this is the day it was delivered. We came by after performing at the Biltmore Estate Farm.
Chrysler convertible
Chrysler convertible George restored for Art HeinmillerBeautiful Chrsyler fully restored at Buckner Auto
Buckner family tractor before restoration
George Buckner Sr and granddaughter CarlyMae on the family tractor before restoration. Jupiter, NC
Buckner Auto Restoration-828-670-6000  Asheville, NCBuckner Auto

George, Brooke, and Carlymae with the tractor he and his dad restored.

George at the Biltmore

George at the entrance to the Biltmore House with a banner bearing his picture

Earl  Scruggs car in the shop

Earl Scruggs Lincoln being prepped for paint job at Buckner Auto

Earl Scruggs Lincoln

George painted Earl Scruggs Lincoln!

George Sr, George Jr, and Carlymae antique tractor

George and his dad, George Sr , daughter Carlymae with the tractor they restored at the 2011 Asheville NC Christmas Parade


2 thoughts on “Buckner Auto Restoration, Weaverville, NC (828)-670-6000

  1. Hey George, enjoyed talking to you at the t-shirt sales at Merlefest. My sister and her husband had a Chrysler like the one on your website many years ago. They flipped it over coming back from San Diego. They don’t look like they would be easy to turn over! Hope to talk with you again. Have you got any plans to play Biltmore again? Do you pla much around Asheville?

    See ya, John

    PS I added a Challenger on my website and There are a couple menus I need to fix. Other than that the website is pretty functional. All the pictures can be clicked on to enlarge.

  2. Charlie Marley

    George Sr. told us about your web site last night at Harbor Inn for Valentine Fish Dinner. Friends of George & Myra, Charlie & Dolores Marley

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